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Mastering Twitter In 10 Minutes… Or Less (Version 2)

January 8, 2009 – Chris Demetrios

It’s hard to believe that over eighteen months have passed since I first released my Twitter tutorial!

With a new year and the old tutorial getting a bit tatty and outdated I finally sat down and “refurbished” it. And it didn’t just get a new cover! Here are some of the updates in the 2009 version:

    • All the screenshots have been updated to reflect Twitter’s new look
    • New content added
    • Old outdated content removed
    • Revised and updated tips

Download it by clicking on the tutorial’s graphic on the top left of the page.

The original tutorial got rave reviews from people.

Here’s what Larry Chase had to say about it:

If you are new to Twitter, here’s a quick and easy PDF guide to getting started. It covers everything from soup to nuts — how to set up your account and customize your profile page, how to position yourself as a leader and find followers, how to find others of interest to follow and how to use Twitter’s basic commands to send your posts.

Download for Free now!

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