The Right Estimation TRE

Hallo Everybody

I am sending you this e-mail to let you know that I have stated a new website that can be found at The purpose of the site is to give you some insight into what is happening in the part of South Africa where I am involved.

You receive this mail either because you are a friend or we have had communication with regards to Plumbline Ministries Material (Arthur Burk) in South Africa.

If you have Glory Stories or other insights to share, please send it to me. It can be in either English or Afrikaans.

If you have friends who you believe could benefit from visiting the site, please also let them know.
Please note that the website is a work in progress, just like I am, so if you think something is not perfect, it probably isn’t.
If you do not receive this e-mail, please let me know as soon as possible.

Thank you


The Right Estimation (TRE)
Tel. no: 012 664 0710
Fax. no.: 0866892624
Cell.: 083 384 0549 (Niell)
Cell.: 083 290 6392 (Marie)
E-mail: (Niell)
E-mail: (Marie)
Postal Address: PO Box 14253, Lyttleton, 0140

For more information on Arthur Burk or Plumbline Ministries see:
If you have any specific questions with regards to Arthur’s plans or teachings, or would like to share your glory stories or dreams with him, I encourage you to use the “contact us” button on the Plumbline Ministries website above.

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