An Introduction to Author Homayun Ahmadi

Dr. Homayun Ahmadi is a medical doctor married with a family of five. He qualified in medicine 15 years ago and practiced in both Afghanistan and Pakistan before arriving to Australia in July 2003.

A conscientious worker and humanist Dr. Ahmadi`s work and service is focused on helping those with the greatest needs either in health or social field .In this respect he become a member of the Afghan Human Rights Organization & Environmental Protection .

He worked with Rural Development of Maihen (RDM) as a facilitator / lecturer in Teacher Training Workshops. He became a member of the Drug Awareness Program for Afghan Refugee.

He extended his writing when he was in Pakistan. In early 2003, he was elected as an assistant manager of Tanwer Newspaper by the staff committees of this publishing organization.

He has worked with IRC/ PARP, RDM, ACF, MSF and ERU as a medical coordinator and programme supervisor for more then two years.

As a result of frequent requestd from the medical faculty, he commenced lecturing on internal diseases for the students at the University of Balkh. His warm personality, sense of humour and great kindness convinced the government to select him as a chief of the Medical Faculty.

In addition Dr. Ahmadi has had interests in sports and he has trained in Martial Arts. He trained many people in this area and encouraged the younger generation to engage in sport .He has also authored 20 books, transcribed into in many languages about health, sports, social and religious matters.

Dr Ahmadi’s latest publication The Value of Peace in Human Rights has been published by Eloquent Books.¬† To read more click on the image.

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