St Aiden’s Homeschool Website Updates – 05 February 2009

Wow! I cannot believe we are well into February already. The Northern Hemisphere will soon be experiencing spring days whilst the Southern Hemisphere will begin its autumn days. Where is the time going to J

As promised in the last website update we have a focus on one of the greatest literary masters in history, Charles Dickens. I have compiled Comprehension & Literature Unit Studies on some of his well-known and lesser-known works. The age groups for these will vary dependent upon the age and aptitude of the learner.

Each Unit study is accompanied by an Executive Study, which is helpful when summarising for written comprehension. Normally this is aimed at much older students. I have included these because of the length of some of the manuscripts… I know one is 943 pages long.

The download links can be found at these pages:

David Copperfield

Master Humphrey’s Clock

Oliver Twist

The Battle of Life

The Holly Tree

The Cricket On The Hearth

The Chimes

A Child’s History of England

On Dickens Main Page you will find an autobiography on the man himself, as well as some interesting books of fact, The Works of Dickens. Also are links to some really informative sites on Dickens and his works.

I have also compiled a comprehensive literature unit study on Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. It’s a large file and it was eventually necessary to break it down into the original “parts” of the book. So there are 8 sections to the book, each one illustrated beautifully, and a separate download link for the Literature Unit Study. Please let me know of any broken links in this section as it was reformatted a number of times until I was happy with the final books.

Items that are not uploaded to the website but are available for free download at Currclick are:

Bible Stories for Children : A Collection of 45
St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

With Our Compliments This book comprises a collection of 45 well known and well loved Bible stories that have been adapted and simplified as far as possible for reading to young children. The book contains beautiful illustrations in colour and black and white and is a beautiful addition to any collection.

The Hares & The Frogs ~ Reading Comprehension & Copywork Book

by St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

The Tortoise & The Ducks ~ Comprehension & Copywork
St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

The Wolf & The Kid ~ Comprehension & Copywork
St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa

Welcome to our collection of Free Comprehension & Copywork books for early readers. Of course there are hundreds of other free titles at this link.

Handwriting Practice Units in a variety of styles and formats, from the very early learner to the more advanced can be found at the following links:

Also a reminder of the free Valentine’s Day Units and printables 🙂

A thought for the day: Let man search for what is right and let happiness come on its own ~ Johann Pestalozzi

Thank you for subscribing to this newsletter and for reading. As always suggestions, requests, comments and criticisms are welcome and can be sent to me at

I wish you and yours a wonderful and blessed weekend.

Till next time


Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

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