Author Robert Preston – You Tube Video

Born 1975 in Norfolk, England, Robert Preston has worked in many and varied trades and has occasionally been accused of having a sense of humour. Robert has several other books—with stories ranging from a quest for the meaning of existence to sentient penguins taking over the world (not in the same story)—that are in the works. He has been writing since high school.

A series of incredibly violent and seemingly random murders shock and baffle the police. The Covert Operations Unit (C.O.U.) are assigned to the case and start to make some progress in finding out the cause. Following lead after lead however, they uncover too much information – the trail leads into areas so sensitive that C.O.U.’s superiors try to stop them investigating further.

Just as they begin to lose heart an informant shows up, and based on the new information the team decides to take the law into their own hands for the greater good. Going rogue, C.O.U. find themselves in a battle against their own organization, as well as whatever it is that is behind the murders…

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