Author : Nancy Wylde at home on the farm šŸ™‚

Author of Best-Selling “Ticket to Freedom” Nancy Wylde, allows us into her home and film her daily activities when she is away from pen and paper, and off the podium.

in Nancy’s Words:

“I am passionate about life now and everything that it brings ā€“ good or bad (if one chooses to term it in this way). I am zealous about raising awareness within my own family and circle of friends and work colleagues about eliminating our homes of toxic chemicals that we use day to day both in and around our homes and on our bodies (such as personal hygiene products).

I love to cook Italian gourmet foods and find delight in socialising with my very big Italian family (particularly the younger generations for their wonderful open mindedness). I am an avid reader, preferring this to television at any time.

Authors that have inspired me are: Dr W Dyer, Eckhart Tolle, Stuart Wilde, Carlos Castaneda, Deepak Chopra, Louise Hay, Catherine Ponder, Dr John Gray and Florence Shovel-Shinn.

I am particularly interested in any books that are motivational, inspirational, self help, psychology, alternative therapies and nutrition.”

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