Krish Dhanam, Speaker, Executive Coach, and Author

In many ways Krish Dhanam is the epitome of the American Dream. A native of India he arrived in the US with nine dollars in his pocket and a vision of promise in his heart. The American Dream from an Indian Heart is the unfolding of that journey and its hidden promise. In a practical and informative way, Krish showcases how the American Dream is still alive and well.

He tackles the issues of faith, freedom, discipline, dignity, pride, possibility, work ethic and relationships with word pictures that will resonate with readers long after they put this book down. The advice Krish offers will stir you to the foundation of your belief in this great and awesome land. He reverently pays homage to the land of the free and the home of the brave as only a grateful immigrant can do. With a glowing foreword by his mentor Zig Ziglar, this book has also received accolades from communication giant Nido Qubein, sales master Tom Hopkins, and spiritual philosopher and theologian Dr. Ramesh Richard.
Published by Strategic Book Publishing in New York, the book tackles contemporary issues through the eyes of an immigrant. Occasionally the reader is asked to look at the opportunities available in America through the eyes of a housewife living in the slums and a rickshaw puller plying his craft on the streets of Calcutta. The parallels are utilized to show how we can all gain a comparative advantage if we look at our lives through the gaze of those not so privileged. Perhaps we will complain a little less and accept our work as the privilege it is, rather than the right some would like to make it.

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