Author: Oren Davies


The author is Australian and has grown up in that country. He lives in the city of Melbourne which is in the south. For a long time he has had an interest in the meaning and origins of personal names. Therefore the book is an in-depth study of male personal names. Much research has gone into finding rare, lesser used and historical names balanced with modern popular ones.

At the moment the author is organising other books. One will cover celtic and old english surnames.

Superb Book of Boys Names is a comprehensive collection of names for boys. Names have been drawn from many different cultures and languages of the world. The book is full of unique, rare and little known personal names. This is balanced with plenty of popular and well-known examples. The meanings and origin of each name is fully explained. So the book can be guide for parents plus those searching for the meanings of their own personal names.
Male names in the book have been drawn from historical, biblical and mythological sources. These are allied to personal names that have been used in different in the past and also those in use today. Diminutive and altered forms of the personal names are fully listed.

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