Author:Stephanie Turner

Stephanie is from Staffordshire, England. She is a student teacher, in her final year of University. When she is not gluing children to their seats or trying to convince them that fractions are fun, she is a self confessed book worm with a peculiar obsession for apple juice.


Dirty is a dog; a smelly, scruffy, flea-bitten mongrel with two beady black eyes and a large, wet black nose. He has a huge drooling soft pink tongue that is too long and it sometimes drags along the floor. Dirty’s, most favourite thing to do in the whole world, is ROLL. He will roll in anything but nothing compares to Dirty’s favourite puddle. On a particularly soggy day Dirty rolls away in this special puddle, before trotting back into his house to take a well-deserved nap. However, his owner who is not too happy about the mess he has left on her cream carpets rudely awakes him. So she unleashes her secret weapon – a large dog bath. Filling it to the brim, she gives Dirty the wash of his life. Poor Dirty isn’t happy because for once, he is clean. How can you call a dog Dirty when he isn’t? Luckily, Dirty’s quick mind flickers back to the door to the garden and realises that his owner will have forgotten to lock it. So he makes a run for it, running out into the garden, heading straight to that magical puddle. And there he rolls and rolls and rolls while his owner screams and screams and screams, because her clean doggy is now, well … Dirty.

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