Free St Patrick’s Day Resources

Celebrate St Paddy’s Day With Us & Download these free eBooks 🙂

Saint Patrick
An eBook about Saint Patrick, reconstructed from public domain material.

Saint Patrick’s Day-A Dramatic Play


The Cross and the Shamrock, a fictional tale set in the times of Saint Patrick

The Most Ancient Lives of Saint Patrick – A description of Saint Patrick as he “appeared to” or was “described as” with a timeline of his life, and a timeline of important publications relating to the time of his life.

Hymns Written by St Patrick – A collection of religious hymns written by Saint Patrick, some of which are very popular today.

Saints & Bishops – A Fact File & Notebooking, ideal for homeschooling, file folder or as an aid in researching this topic.
Classic Irish Blessings – beautiful traditional Irish blessings.

St Patrick’s Day Activity Book 1, for early learners. Ideal for homeschooling.

St Patrick’s Day book 2, for early learners. Ideal for homeschooling.

The Boyhood Deeds of Cu Chulainn Fictional Irish Tale.

The Legend of St Patrick, Facts about Saint Patrick

Traditional St Patricks Day Recipes

And many many more 🙂

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