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Donnette Davis on SM Marketing & Optimisation

Being an ardent blogger (and webbie for educational sites, author of educational books), I found myself coaching friends on how to market their new books, records, companies and products through their social profiles, then researched which SM sites would be best suited and beneficial to their topic. Some had no time to set up the profiles, some had no clue on how to set up the profiles and some thought it would best be left to someone who is comfortable researching, setting up and blogging… That’s me! I now offer SMM coaching and an initial SM Package which sets an author/singer/dancer up in their own SM profiles, assist with the creation of blog posts, and coach them on how to “work” their sites. In other words there’s no point in setting up a site if it’s going to get stale in the first week. Blogging takes time and effort – blogging for profit and marketing oneself or one’s product takes more time and more effort – but with the right product on the right SM Networking site there’s nothing holding you back 🙂

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