The Road to Me – Jessica Angélique

The soul within seeks comfort and peace, and the story of a lifetime is now ready to be told in this, the haunting and compelling autobiography of author Jessica Angélique. Jessica grew up in the “brutal and horrific” foster care system in Evansville, Indiana. The Road to Me; I Now Know Why That Caged Bird Sang details her shockingly unforgettable life story.

Her extraordinary fight to survive abuse, attempted suicide, ovarian cancer, obesity, attempted murder, homelessness, the betrayal of love lost and a deadly secret are just a few of the events that will forever change the person you are as you read this soul-defining journey.

This incredibly, poignant narrative is also about hope, redemption and triumph against undeniably impossible odds. The Road to Me; I Now Know Why That Caged Bird Sang allows the reader unprecedented access to the world of foster care and shows how the failing system destructively affects hundreds of thousands of children and adults in this country.

About the Author

Author Jessica Angélique resides in Indiana with her two sons. She is hard at work on her eagerly anticipated three-book series titled Conversations of a Lifetime; which is a follow-up to her autobiography. She hopes to finish the fist book in the series, Conversations of a Lifetime; In the Footprints of Our Mothers and Forefathers, by the summer of 2009.

SOURCE:  Eloquent Books

Hard Cover – 6×9 – 180 pages – $24.50

ISBN: 978-1-60693-482-1

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