The Teacher’s Desk – Free Homescool eCurriculum

The Teacher’s Desk – Home.

Affordable, reuseable, unit packs and free worksheets, absolutely magnificent site for early learners (and more advanced). The site is lovingly maintained and the unit studies are packed with information and activities to make any homeschooling journey or unit study that much easier and a whole bunch of fun! Highly recommended!  You can also find a whole bunch of freebies on the Currclick site.

Homeschool eCurriculum
Unit Packs, Free Worksheets, & The Best Links

  • affordable
  • no shipping charges
  • fast – immediate download
  • reusable
  • content specific

Reprint worksheets for extra practice.

Reusable for future use – no more repeat purchases for subsequent students.

Save time planning lesson plans and scheduling. Just print what you need.

Digital curriculum is becoming one of the most popular new ways to home educate.  It’s fast, easy, cheap, takes up no space and can be purchased and used again as often as you wish.  Best of all there’s no shipping charges!  Be sure to check out the links to other great ecurriculum providers.  I’m adding more products all the time, so check back again!

The products on this site are in an electronic format only – they are not physical books.
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