Electric Book Works – Great News for Authors in S Africa


Publishers and media departments turn to EBW to save time and to produce high-quality content, including books, manuals, and reports. You can also depend on the depth of our research and knowledge of publishing to help make your work future-proof, whether you want to distribute in print, ebook, web or mobile forms. If you want to reduce inventory and sell your books and ebooks through online retailers around the world, we provide international print-on-demand (POD) and ebook distribution, and expert guidance on setting up your own POD and ebook systems, saving you time, and helping you manage the effect of printing costs on your cash flow.

Consulting services

An hour with one of our specialist consultants could save you weeks in time and money. If you need advice or guidance on digital publishing or print-on-demand, contact us to set up a meeting to assess your needs.

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Ebook costs

Most publishers and media departments struggle to get to grips with the ever-changing ebook world and its uncertain costs. In as little as half an hour, we can help you save time and money, so that you can make back your investment in ebooks sooner.

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Ebook design

Since any content delivered electronically can be called an ebook, ebooks inhabit a large grey area from text on a CD to websites to novels on paper-like handheld readers. Unfortunately, this broad definition means countless ‘ebook publishers’ litter the internet, claiming to offer a new reading experience that is ultimately no more than unformatted text in HTML, or PDFs of the printed book’s pages. We believe ebooks should be far more than that.

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Ebook formats

Ebooks are produced in many formats, each with their own pros and cons. We have carefully selected three formats to work in: PDF, Epub and HTML.

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DRM (Digital Rights Management)

DRM (Digital Rights Management) refers to any system for controlling what users can do with their ebook, and usually restricts copying, printing or sharing ebook files in some way. We work closely with our clients on their DRM options, since these have many short- and long-term implications, and must be carefully chosen.

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The advantages of ebooks

No one doubts that a paper book is a lovely thing. We believe ebooks are just as great, but not as a replacement for print. Ebooks offer advantages that make them something quite different. We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite advantages of ebooks.

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Buying ebooks

Ebooks are available for purchase through international ebook retailers online. Their prices usually range from a third to two-thirds of the price of a print equivalent. Many customers may buy both an ebook and a print edition of a book to suit different reading circumstances.

Mousehand: For small-scale publishers

MousehandMousehand is a personal service for small-scale publishers and authors who need a simple, affordable way to get their books to buyers everywhere. You can have your book designed and distributed worldwide in print or as an e-book. Visit the Mousehand site for more information.

Industry news on Twitter

We regularly post brand new digital-publishing industry news using Twitter. Here are some of our latest tweets. If you use Twitter, follow us here.

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