St Aiden’s Homeschool – Free Educational Resources

St Aiden’s Homeschool.

Who, What and Where is St Aiden’s Homeschool?


St Aiden’s Homeschool was born a number of years ago out of a desperate need to provide quality and affordable education to the masses of people in South Africa (And Africa) who could no longer afford to pay the ridiculous school fees required to enrol and keep your child in a safety-compromised environment, a classroom with 50 odd children of different ages and cultures, in a school of around 1000 students where often the traditional and long-time educators have not moved with the times.

Since becoming legal in 1996 homeschooling has taken off in South Africa and has spread throughout Africa now enabling students and families previously unable, to now obtain quality educational material for free or nearly free.

One such website that caters for homeschooling families, teachers, educators, students and caregivers is St Aiden’s Homeschool.

Behind St Aiden’s Homeschool……..

Introducing Donnette E Davis

Having some 30000 plus pages and new additions daily St Aiden’s Homeschool is a massive online organisation hosted, maintained and run by one person. Donnette E Davis is a single mother of 6 and a veteran homeschooler, turner webby, turned author/publisher turned SMM Specialist – but still maintaining a strong and commanding presence in each of the above categories. Books are researched and compiled and made available for free download from the website. Books authored particularly for sale purposes are exclusive to All are top quality, fun activity books with the focus on making learning fun for very little people right up to pre-college and beyond. Sourcing new content that will benefit visitors to the site be it health, careers, child care, travel in South Africa or education, there is something for everyone – and for the most part it is absolutely free 🙂

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