Breaking into the business and getting published is a completely different story than it was in the pre-Internet age. Now, writers have more opportunities but also face higher competition as websites pop up to let them promote work and make contacts. These 50 social sites, however, are some of the best for serious or aspiring writers who want to make their online presence count.

Professional Development

Develop your career by making professional contacts on these sites.

  1. WriteWords: Here, writers can find jobs, join groups, learn about special events and more.
  2. Media Bistro: Members of Media Bistro receive all kinds of helpful professional advice and connections, and the bulletin board community has tips and information about going back to school, pitching, legal advice, and more.
  3. Tip’d: Learn how to manage your money and your writing career or business by logging on to this social media site.
  4. MySpace: On MySpace, you can create a customized website for your services and brand for free.
  5. LinkedIn: LinkedIn has a strong base of users intent on networking and building up their professional contacts.
  6. Ryze: Ryze is a business networking site that may help you find a job, especially with technical writing.
  7. Meetup: Use Meetup to find like-minded individuals, groups and professionals in your area who want to meet up in person.
  8. Tribe: Tribe is another group-focused social media site that lets you find individuals with your interests and your goals.
  9. Virb: Set up your own page to promote your work, unleash your creativity and meet other writers and artists.

Collaboration and Feedback

Here you’ll find writing partners for serious projects and for getting feedback from your drafts.

  1. StoryMash: This “collaborative creative writing community” lets you earn money for chapters written on the advertisement-driven site.
  2. Xomba: Network with other writers looking for online side projects and collaborative writing here.
  3. Booksie: Poets and short story writers share their pieces on this site for networking, promotion and feedback.
  4. AllPoetry: Post your poems on this site to start networking via groups, chats, forums and contests.
  5. Storywrite: Enter contests, post your stories, keep your copyright, and join groups to meet other writers.
  6. Critique Circle: Submit stories to have other members critique your work.
  7. Writeboard: Writeboard is a shareable, web-based writing tool for collaborating, saving your drafts, and organizing pieces.
  8. StartupNation: If you’re looking to build a business out of your writing, meet other entrepreneurs and search for a business partner here.
  9. Xing: This professional networking site can be helpful when trying to find a partner.
  10. Ning: Start your own social network for your group projects with Ning.


Market your work and your brand on these sites.

  1. 1000 Keyboards: This site allows writers to submit their work, collaborate, meet readers, and more.
  2. Book Marketing Network: Here authors and publishers connect.
  3. LibraryThing: LibraryThing lets writers and bookworms talk about their favorite books, join groups, and meet up locally.
  4. The Web-Savvy Writer: Promote your book online with this community-driven site.

Forums and Message Boards

These forums and message boards provide inspiration, give tips for getting published, and introduce you to others in the industry.

  1. Here you can find jobs and contests, and other announcements for writers.
  2. PoetrySoup: Enter contests, meet other poets, and publish your work online.
  3. Editred: On this site, writers can review each other’s work, jump on the forum, and promote their work and experience.
  4. English Forums: Meet friends, share pictures and videos, and get grammar tips on this site.
  5. FreelanceSwitch: Freelancers share job news, writing tips, business advice and more.
  6. Writers Net: This community of writers, editors, agents and publishers actively posts about getting published and more.
  7. Writer’s Beat: Get advice about finding inspiration, chat with other writers, learn new writing skills, and more.
  8. Every Author: This literary community features blogs, a writers’ forum, books section, and plenty more inspiration.
  9. The Artful Writer: Professional TV and film writers connect on this site to catch up on industry news and theory.


Promote your work by bookmarking articles and more on these sites.

  1. Twitter: Network, share your pieces, and promote your website or blog all day long on Twitter.
  2. Digg: Make friends on Digg to vote for their articles and submit your own pages.
  3. Facebook: Share your website, links to favorite articles, and services your Facebook profile or page.
  4. delicious: Bookmark your web content, reviews and other material on delicious.
  5. Readers and writers cross paths on this site designed to highlight new content.
  6. Flickr: Show clients and friends that you’re not just about words: gain a following on Flickr by uploading inspiring pictures, albums from special events and networking parties, and more.
  7. Coffeehouse for Writers: Join this online community to learn about job opportunities, practice your craft, and meet others.
  8. Absolute Write: Gain access to writing tips, classes and other writing resources. This site also nurtures an online community of professionals and writers.
  9. Google Groups: Organized your professional contacts by inviting them to your own Google Group.
  10. Technorati: Register your blog on Technorati and then meet other bloggers and readers who can relate to your topic. It’s great for networking, marketing your writing services, and more.
  11. hi5: hi5 is a social network for friends and colleagues. Send messages, play games, join groups and upload photos.
  12. Jaiku: Jaiku is a microblogging site like Twitter that lets you build up a niche network.

Inspiration and Practice

These community sites provide a space for being creative and honing your craft.

  1. Today’s Woman: Browse famous quotes, submit poems and stories, and more on this site for women writers.
  2. Writer’s Digest: The community section on this site features a forum, Writer’s Block Party for networking and ranting, a critique station, and more.
  3. Gather: Get ideas for stories and articles on this site, where individuals connect to talk about the real issues that matter to them.
  4. Shared Reviews: Here you can practice writing reviews and commentary on virtually any subject. The site also lets you set up your profile and build your own community.