Author Donna Stone- An Inspirational and Moving Memoir of a Boy’s Struggle with Chronic Illness

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 30, 2008 – The day Brandon was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease was the day the Stone family’s reality was split into before and after.

Before Brandon became ill, the Stone family was living the American Dream. Donna and her husband, Eric, had two sons and lived in a picturesque town in South Carolina. But at age 3, Brandon’s pediatrician’s test results revealed sobering news about his health. From that moment on, their American Dream turned into a life filled with fear, anxiety, financial worry, and a test of their strong faith.

Writer Donna Stone takes the reader on a ten-year journey of the frustrations, tears, and emotional rollercoaster that she and her family faced while dealing with the complexity of the medical system, the myriad of doctors and nurses who cared for Brandon, and the affect it had on their immediate and extended family.

Stone writes with brutal honesty and her message is not only intended to guide and help those who have a family member with chronic disease, but her encouragement of taking ownership for the hand that life deals one at times is brilliant and inspiring. Her faith in God and the love she expresses for her son will touch your heart and soul.

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About the Author:
Donna Stone is a business professional and freelance writer. She has published articles in local and online magazines. She has written business profiles, movie summaries, short stories, and web content. She graduated with a BSBA from Southern Wesleyan University and is a native Carolinian. She lives in Lyman, South Carolina with her husband, Eric and her two sons, Brandon and Josh. Tough as Stone—Brandon’s Story is her first book.

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