Families Stick to Homeschooling Despite Economy

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Families Stick to Homeschooling Despite Economy

March 9th, 2009 by dailynews

by Amy Tjaden

Homeschool.com News Editor

We are facing tough economic times. I was in the store recently and my jaw dropped at the price of a small can of black olives. It was well over a dollar; for the tiny can. Grocery shopping, which I’ve always viewed as chore, has become an anxiety inducer.

We’re a family of five living off of a military income and the modest earnings of a freelance writer. We’ve always made it work. Now we find ourselves having to make sacrifices. The new tv, not gonna happen. The spring trip to Utah, canceled.

The one thing we won’t sacrifice is our children’s education. It appears that we’re not alone. The homeschooling numbers continue to rise and a recession doesn’t seem to have any impact on that. In fact, according to the Associated Press, the recession may actually increase homeschooling.

Private school tuition is becoming unaffordable for some and public schools face cutbacks. This only makes homeschool more appealing. There are stories all over of families who, although affected by the recession, will cut just about anything before they’d cut homeschooling.

USA Today ran an inspiring article that shows just how much homeschool families persevere in the face of economic strife. Parents are taking on second jobs, or some are going back to work part-time as they both share the duties of homeschooling.

Our family has sacrificed a much anticipated vacation. We’re on a strict grocery budget. We’re utilizing the library even more. The kids are limited in the amount of extracurricular activities they can sign up for. And we’re fine with it. It is worth it.

I’d love to hear stories from our readers. Do you feel the impact of the recession? What have you done to continue homeschooling? Do you have any tips or tricks your family uses for homeschooling on a budget. Send your homeschooling success stories to newseditor@Homeschool.com

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