Author Bonnie Priest – Nancy and The Nutrition Tree

Children’s Book Teaches Life-long Lessons of Nutrition and Healthy Choices
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada – August 25, 2008

Nancy and the Nutrition Tree combines two powerful tools: learning nutrition basics and making healthy choices. Understanding these lessons in early childhood can help prevent illness and obesity later in life. Children are empowered when they use nutritional knowledge and are involved in making wise choices to keep their bodies healthy and in balance.

Using a short story written by Dr. Mary McKenna, author Dr. Bonnie M. Priest developed Nancy and the Nutrition Tree into a book, with the assistance of a number of professionals, under her direction. The lessons children learn in the book can be carried into adulthood.

Dr. Priest presented Nancy and the Nutrition Tree at two International Heart Health Conferences: in Victoria, British Columbia in 1992 and; Barcelona, Spain, in 1993; and in 2000 at the National Canadian Heart Health Conference. The 1992 conference, selected the book as an exemplary way of teaching children about healthy lifestyle choices.

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About the Author:
Bonnie M. Priest, Ed.D., founded Positive Heart Living, Inc., of Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada Positive Heart Living works toward reducing the risk of heart disease and promoting improved quality of life to all age levels, through the development of educational resources, and interactive teaching programs. Dr. Priest is also involved in developing programs to prevent addiction in youth. She holds her doctor of education degree in Child and Youth studies from Nova Southeastern University in Florida, is an avid sports person, and a member of the Canadian Counseling Association.

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