Tweet my Blog – Twitter Plugin for WordPress

Ever wondered how you could harness the power of Twitter to drive massive amounts of traffic to your sites – and how to convert that traffic into cash?

John Merrick and Soren Jordansen have just come up with the perfect solution for you, with their new product called Tweet My Blog. It’s a WordPress plugin that makes it super easy to combine the powers of WordPress and Twitter – driving massive amounts of traffic to your blog.

And the best part… It’s 100% free!


TweetMyBlog will automatically

1) Post a tweet whenever you update you blog. The tweet will link back to your blog, driving a ton of interested readers your way.

2) Highlight your latest Tweets on your blogs sidebar – increasing your Twitter following

3) Promote your affiliate link on auto-pilot, whenever you use the plugin and sidebar widget.

Earn commissions just for posting to your blog. =>

This is far more than just another WordPress plugin – This is a fully fleshed out marketing plan that will put the power of Twitter at your finger tips. And… Even though they are giving this plugin away for free, you should take a close look at the special offer they have in store for you when join.

I instantly grabbed my own copy, and I know it will skyrocket my marketing power when using Twitter and WordPress. =>

To your success,

Donnette Davis

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