Blog Talk Radio Interview : Dixie Burkhart author of Facts Don’t Matter

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Original Air Date: 31/03/2009 06:30

Dixie Burkhart author of Facts Don’t Matter

Join us as we talk to Dixie Burkhart about her fascinating legal novel Facts Don’t Matter. By the abuse of judicial discretion, the judge violated her right to a fair and impartial trial. In order to reach the outcome she wanted, the facts were ignored and she refused to rule on laws that were violated. Under the guise of judicial discretion the judge’s erroneous opinion was nothing less than court assisted business fraud. When we allow our judges to ignore the facts in evidence and the law, to make rulings by opinion, it opens the door for political favor and judicial corruption. When a judge’s opinion defies common sense and the law, one can only wonder what motivated that opinion. You can purchase Facts Don’t Matter here:


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