Are you linkedIn? – TRCB

CREDIT:  Are you linkedIn? – TRCB.

Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, You must have heard of these social networking sites, but have you tried using any to market your self and business? With these social networks growing in popularity, there is one social network in particular that should be a part of your social media marketing plan.

It’s LinkedIn.
With a growing rate of over 130,000 members a week, LinkedIn is the world’s largest online professional network.

LinkedIn Value added Services:
1. You can control your online identity, prior to your blog.
2. Whenever you do people search, you will find LinkedIn profile is the first result.
3. It provides you to collect referrals and testimonials. When you are contacting a potential client for work it can help if you include your LinkedIn link so they can quickly see your referrals.
4. you can find a relevant or dream job
5. You can easily get to know whenever a friend in your network changes jobs.
6. You can maintain and foster relationship with colleagues (past & current), fellows, friends, classmates, and others.
7. You can network by recommending peers and answering their questions.
8. It gives you access to executive people, jobs and opportunities like never before.

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