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CREDIT:  YouTube – Abalonekidlegend’s Channel.

I received a friend invite from Abalone Kid in You Tube… I don’t know if I have ever been so humbled, and just felt the need to share his story…  this is a copy and paste…

Joined: 03 October 2008
Last Sign In: 29 minutes ago
Videos Watched: 1,086
Subscribers: 884
Channel Views: 18,984
This is a channel that is manned by a brother in The Lord, Steven, dedicated to bringing to others the Gospel Ministry of the AbaloneKid.
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Produced By Steven Wilder : Yakwild
“Always Christ first, then eternity with Him. Come Lord Jesus!”
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To learn more about Chaim, go to his website: ranked as follows:

Website Rankings In The Internet World.
Rankings For The Gospel of Jesus Christ
No 4 of 32,200,000 In Scriptures (Y)
No 5 of 2,670,000 in Sermons (G)
No 1 of 1,850,000 in Praise Songs (G)
No 1 of 6,500,000 in Revival (Y)
No 1 of 27,000 Worldwide Gospel Revival (G)

Pointing the world to Jesus Christ.
See “Worldwide Gospel Revival”
Download Free MP3 CD:”He Is Coming”.

The Abalone Kid is NOT a man who stands aloof. This is about a lost sinner, CHIEF, he says, and how a dead life can be changed into a real life from above by a loving God who died for all of us!

Born & raised in Brooklyn, Chaim (His Hebrew name) rubbed elbows with the leading singers of the day. A great love of music was born. He began writing songs and music without formal training. Later he would say God knew me as a child and called me as a man to give Him the Glory.

From the time he wrote the praise music you hear on his videos, to the time God opened the door of the world to him to evangelize and teach the Gospel and scriptures in Praise songs, years passed in which He studied the Bible day and night. Nothing had more importance.

In his academic career he achieved a high position as a Madison Avenue lawyer. After becoming an expert in his specialty of Family Law and writing The Book in the field He retired to begin a gospel revival ministry on Long Island, NY in Christian churches.

He sang with and hosted revival shows with 36 black Baptist praise singers and broke the color barrier in Hampton Bays, L.I, NY. He says it was God’s will.

Getting a call from his mother in Ca who was sick, he left N.Y to be by her side. After she died he remained to continue his ministry in Los Angeles where he spent six years ministering and living on the streets as one of the homeless where he performed his music and shared God’s word. He fed 80 homeless people a day from food he retrieved from dumpsters. He ate it too!

When asked about this experience he said:
The Lord Jesus Christ must increase in our lives and we must decrease, He is first otherwise we are.

God blessed him and sent him to beach comb in Northern Ca, where he discovered great abalone shell pieces that washed ashore. This would become his means of support in his life as well as his ministry, and after he met his wife, they began designing abalone jewelry. Their work was eventually discovered by The Smithsonian and featured at The National Museum of American Art in Wash, DC.

He continued with his street ministry and met such notables as Ben Stein, Jane Seymour, Pam Anderson and Pierce Brosnan, Dean DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilot’s) who own his abalone jewelry creations. Once, he said, Ms Seymour saw him wearing a cross and remarked: Jew’s don’t wear the cross!He politely told her otherwise.

His most memorable times, he says, were the early mornings he walked the streets of Santa Monica, Ca ministering the word of God and singing to the Bag ladies as they got up from the concrete sidewalks they slept on.They would push their carts towards the Pacific Ocean and fellowship with him. It was also his saddest, and many he knew died on those streets right before his very eyes! America had no use for them, they told him. But God did! He was an outcast by then, losing the rest of his blood family who totally rejected his ministry for Christ and his strange lifestyle.

His love of music , Gospel ministry, by God’s grace, propelled Chaim into the realm of Youtube. His praise music, bible studies and prose writings that reflect the truth of the word are a blessing for us all to enjoy.

A Tribute to his ministry for Jesus Christ. In HIS OWN WORDS:

I am the least of the brethren, in service to Jesus Christ and His church. Giving all praise and glory to Him. His blood redeemed me from sin and keeps me in Him; Isaiah 53:1-12; John 1:29;3:16;16:7-11; 2 Cor.5:21; 1 Pet.2:24; Rom.14:23; 1 John 1:6-10
Raise me up, oh GOD, and place your hand over my life to strengthen, guide and discipline me. Then I will know that my days are not in vain and my end according to your perfect will.
We are the church of sinners broken, crucified daily, in the air waves, a church rich in Him, in service to the word, the church of expression, of Love, the church that God prunes, who open our broken hearts for Him, the 24/7 church, His possession, free to express our praises to His great Glory, and that :

Meet Chaim: the AbaloneKid
At: Churchintheair ON YOUTUBE
Send a Friend Invite. He loves to share the Word of God!

Country: United States

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