Author: Ann Bowes : Riding For Life published by Strategic Book Publishing, New York

Due to financial circumstances Ann never owned the pony she longed for as a child but this did not prevent her enjoying a wild and carefree life on the small hill farm alongside her brothers. Climbing trees, building dams and catching trout in the streams were all pastimes she revelled in, as well as helping with the animals on the farm. She was twenty-three before she acquired her first horse and this, along with raising her four children, provided her with an idyllic life with her husband in the heart of the North York Moors.
But tragedy befell Ann when she lost a son. Three weeks after this terrible accident her colt foal was born, and raising Danny-Boy, this horse she bred and named after her son, gave her a reason to live. When Danny-Boy was five, she planned a ‘coast to coast’ ride on him to raise money for Leukemia Research. The first half of the book describes her early years and her growing love and understanding of horses as well as the planning of her ride across northern England on horseback. The second half takes you on the journey itself, describes the beautiful and varied countryside through which she rode, and the wonderful people who all became a part of this momentous ride. How it helped Ann come to terms with her loss and face the future, despite the heartache and pain, with hope and even happiness.

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