Author Susan Holloran : The Pickle Man

Susan Holloran has acted professionally on stage, television, and in radio. She’s taught in pre-kindergarten through third grade, and has written/ directed a variety of plays and musicals for children. Her first children’s book, Grandma Carrie’s Sandwiches, was published in 2000, and her second children’s book, The Pickle Man: Dreaming of the Majors was released in October, 2009 by Strategic Book Publishing in New York. Susan was a contributing author in Richard S. Calhoun’s book, The ABC’s of Food in 2002, and Celeste Palermo’s book, The Coffee Mom’s Devotional, released by Regal Books in March, 2009. An active member of Smoky Hill Vineyard Church in Centennial, Colorado, Susan continues to mentor, co- teach a writing workshop, and share her love of writing with children. She enjoys fast walks, hiking, biking, and time spent with family. The mother of two terrific young men and one beautiful daughter-in-law, she’s convinced that a sense of humor should be a pre-requisite for parenthood, and believes it has been indispensable in her marriage of thirty years to her husband Tom! A graduate of George Mason University’s class of 1979, Susan received a B.S. in Early Childhood/Elementary Education and a minor in Theater Arts.

The Pickle Man: Dreaming of the Majors
By Susan Seeber Holloran

Zach and his older brother, Josh, love the game of baseball. On summer days they sprint off through their backyard gate toward the school field’s worn-down dirt mound, where Josh pitches and Zach runs the bases. They let their imaginations run wild, visualizing themselves playing in the Majors and imitating the cheers of the crowd. Zach’s speed and skill in getting in and out of pickles is admired by his teammates, and soon he is daydreaming of playing Major League Ball at Fenway Park, where the announcer introduces him onto the field as, “Zach, the pickle man!”

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