CurrClick – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa – Motor Skills Development, A Teacher/Parent Guide & Children’s Activity Book

CurrClick – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa – Motor Skills Development, A Teacher/Parent Guide & Children’s Activity Book.

The development of fundamental movement skills is considered by many as a key objective of physical education programs because it increases the options for participation in games, sports and other physical activities.

“The development of mastery of fundamental motor skills among children and adolescents through quality physical education is a potentially important contributor to successful and satisfying participation in sport and other physical activities. Fundamental motor skills are motor activities with specific observable patterns and are prerequisites to the advanced skills employed in sports, games, dance, gymnastics and other physical activities (Booth and Holland, 1999, Buschner, 1994, Salmon et al., 2005, O’Connor, 2000).

This book covers almost every conceivable aspect regarding the development and enhancement of Fine and Gross Motor Skills in children, adolescents and even in some cases adults. Guidelines for teaching and assessments are provided, along with hundreds of fun activities for little learners right up to middle elementary school learners. The benefits of encouragement, the teaching of self-worth and good qualities and characteristics, hand/eye coordination, physical movement and development are all discussed in great detail in this book, with references supplied at the end of the book.

Due to the incredibly large amount of information and activities, this ebook has been divided into categories. Although the main ebook is some 242 pages in length , it is embedded with an additional 5 PDF ebooks (just click on the links within the main ebook to open the new PDF), totalling 509 pages of excellent and vital information, guidelines, activities, advice and resources.

Included within inter alia are:


• Overview

• The Development of Posture

• Learning to Walk

• Development in Second Year

• Childhood

• Adolescence and Adulthood Child Development and Guidance: A Guide for Parents, Educators & Caregivers

• Intellectual development

• Emotional Development

• Social Development

• Moral, Ethical and Spiritual Values

o Self-knowledge

o Character

o Responsibility

o Reverence for Life

• Physical Development

• Skill Development

• Developing fine motor skills

o Cutting

o Placing and pasting

o Tracing and colouring

o Self-care skills

o Finger tracing

o Pre-writing

o Writing

• Things to remember

• Age Rating Activities with fine motor manipulatives

• Fine motor activities

• Scissor activities

• Sensory activities

• Midline crossing

• Planning fine motor activities

o Ideas to try Fine Motor Skills – Movement Focus

o Balance

o Moving in Space

o Gallop

o Jumping

o Marching

o Hopping

o Skipping

o Throwing

o Catching

o Kicking

o Striking

• Making a Prop Box

• Cutting activities

o Line cutting activities

o Shape cutting activities

• Shape tracing & cutting activities

• Shape & colour recognition & matching

• Fringing

• Tracing and colouring

• Pre-Writing

• Trace and Colour

• 3D Start Craft

• Circle Tracing

• Bear Route

• Line Matching

• Colour, cut and paste

• Sticker Fun

• Dot – 2 – Dot

• Trace and colour

• Tracing Mazes

• Tracing Alphabet

• Card Craft

• Letter Tracing

• Number Tracing

• Mosaic Tile Cutting & Pasting Activity

• Mazes

• Colour by Numbers

Fine motor activities & Finger plays

Sensory Experiences

Fun Recipes

Letter & Number Activities

Number & Colour Activities

Finger puppets & Hand puppets

• Paper Boat

• Paper Hat

• Party Hat

• Paper beads

• Paper dolls

• Paper Folding

• Paper Bird

• Box Town

• Placemat Paper Craft

Pipe cleaner crafts Games

• Dots & Boxes

• Kids Colour Match

• Puzzle Picture Lacing Activities

Why All Students Need Fine Motor Skills

Embedded eBooks o 191 pg ~ Motor Skills

o Alphabet Tracing ~ 29 pg

o Shapes eBook ~ 23 pg

o What Doesn’t Belong ~ 10 pg

o Puzzle Fun ~ 13 pg

Please heed all safety and cautionary warnings within this document.


St Aiden’s Homeschool

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