Steven Hyperspecial Whyte Birthday Tribute

*~Happy Birthday Angel~*

Steven Whyte (Hyperspecial) is a highly successful, inspirational being who has encouraged and inspired many internationally with his gifts of speech, music and writing. He is CEO of Hyproducer Productions© and founder of the “Better Days%u2122” project which is the most positive tool to come out of the pool of young British musicians, artists and performers.

For over 11 years Steven (Hyper) has been creating music, writing wise words and sharing his factual findings on positivity. A modest but well known man, who has helped, entertained and uplifted thousands of people young to old. Married with children the positivity begins at home from the Bible and hunger to be Christ like. A mother and sibling who helped keep him on the correct route in life by expressing love, discipline and Christian teachings explains a lot of his current success. Born in 1986 and raised in London, England the journey began at birth and is still in progress to this day and always will be.

The journey is towards “Better Days (TM).”

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