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Xtreme Bowling is more than just showing up at your local alley and bowling in the dark to loud music, food, and alcohol.

Oh, it’s so much more than that…

The Xtreme Bowling Association was founded on the idea that Xtreme Bowling is, at its very core, pushing the limits of ‘average Joe bowler’ to achieve the incredible. The Xtreme Bowling Association is seeking to transform ordinary ‘lights out/music up’ Xtreme Bowling into a form of entertainment that transcends all media and is widely accessible to everyone!

With characters personifying the over-the-top world of semi-professional bowling and the bowling superfan, the XBA uses:

  • hyper cool non-traditional bowling gear to make a statement
  • introduces the hot women of bowling to show the true sex appeal of this dynamic sport
  • features oddly compelling soap opera-esque story lines centered around charactercentric rivalries and the bowling excitement that follows them

Be a part of bowling entertainment and excitement as we seek to transform the sport into the ultimate form of entertainment! Be a part of the Xtreme Bowling Association!

What are we looking for?

  • Bowling Fans! Fans make the XBA strong, so you’re very, very important to us!
  • Bowlers with a knack for acting! We want to transform you into an XBA character or team captain for the XBA web series! Join our Los Angeles League!
  • Videographers who like “The Big Lebowski”! Just because!
  • Women! Because nothing makes guys want to bowl more than the liquid hot women of bowling!
  • Bowlers who could be Models! Because we got Xtreme Bowling Gear coming later this year and we’d like a good picture or two!

Sound like fun?

You HAVE to follow Sidd Nullus on Twitter.. wow! saying no more than that! http://www.twitter.com/siddNullus

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