Making the most of Twitter, when not in Twitter Jail

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that THE place to hang out is in Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging site that allows and in fact encourages short, sharp rapport between multiple people simultaneously.

When I first joined the Twitter Community and became a Tweeple a few months back I did so because I use the site as part of a means of coaching for my clients in their use of Social Media. It is simple to master, gives brilliant opportunity to get the word out about their product and most importantly allows them to interact with likeminded people.

Keeping this extremely short, I need to mention that certain things have become a “way of Twitter Life” ~ one being waiting with bated breath for @Verwon’s newest post, either on #Twitsingles, #Hunkwanted or @Cammmalot’s Pub. I have to mention the TwitDictionary here too.

Because of @verwon who has recently been crowned TwitterGoddess, I became familiar with the inside of TWITTER JAIL… she having spent an inordinate amount of time there for posting tweets fast and furiously. While I would visit and take fruit baskets, @Crusaderz4life would pop in the odd file, @Scarletmandy the odd piece of chewing gum, never once did I ever think I would be the next incarcerate.

Well I was initiated into TwitterJail on June 04 2009, which simply means while you can access your page you may not post publicly for a specific period of time. Anything from half an hour to a few hours. @Scarletmandy was there to capture the moment.

I understand Twitter addiction a lot better now 🙂

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2 Responses to “Making the most of Twitter, when not in Twitter Jail”

  1. hooshangdanesh Says:

    Sorry love–I now understand why you’re in jail–when you get this hit ma bacj–like to gear from you soon..ha!!

  2. aaaahahahaha do you feel my pain honey? LOL.. I’m sure people think me rude not to reply to them.. but tis true TwitterJail keeps us away from our fave people 😛

    So nice to see you here.. you do know you’re #hunkalert this week? 😀

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