Veldfundi – Educate, Empower & Entertain

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Exceptional information & some really beautiful videos.. well worth a visit & bookmark.

South Africa is a world renowned tourism paradise for people from across the globe. It boasts attractions to cater for every taste. From the natural splendour of the great outdoors, to the rich cultural heritage of the diverse groups living here, there is something that leaves a lasting impression to anybody visiting this beautiful country.

The grips of the global economic uncertainty did, however, not bypass the Southern tip of Africa. Jobs in South Africa are scarce, crime is perceived to be at unacceptable levels in the form of corruption, violent crimes and crimes such as wildlife poaching are still out of control.

Nature conservation and the protection of our natural resources is an integral part of preserving our wildlife heritage for future generations. The environment, especially in the form of eco-tourism is the source of thousands of jobs to ordinary South Africans.

This form of employment is highly sought after and is a fiercely competitive industry. Many South Africans possess great knowledge of the African outdoors, even those not employed in such fields. This is also evident in the traditional wisdom passed on from father to son of the African cultures.

The traditional ways are slowly being replaced by Western habits and bush skills are gradually eroding away with the younger generation South Africans, yet wildlife poaching is still practiced on a regular basis.

Thank you to Alex for the mention of free Wildlife educational books at St Aiden’s…

Beautiful website, thank you for sharing… x

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  1. hooshangdanesh Says:

    who would have thought Africa to be a sensual experience–sensual, curious as a spark–

  2. You should visit 🙂

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