Law of Attraction?

Been reading my close friend and client, best-selling author & motivational speaker, Nancy Wylde (Australia) on her “Laws on Attraction”… Laws of attraction that cover so many aspects of daily life everywhere for everyone.. it can be anything, not necessarily about what I am going to write below..

But it does get a person thinking.. How is it possible to develop a virtual friendship/relationship with someone you may very well never meet? I will never meet most of my clients face to face.. It will probably be a very long while before I meet my beautiful friends Verleen (USA) and Liliane Rausch (NL). But I feel a closeness to them, happy for them and with them and not too chuffed if things don’t go well for them. That’s to mention two people… I have many beautiful virtual friends that I would dearly love to meet..

Which leads on to the other kind of “friendship”.. what is it when you become fascinated (okay wrong word.. besotted) by someone because of the way he or she writes, interacts with people.. we can all be whoever we want to be whenever we want to be it knowing that we are sitting behind a machine. I would love to think that everyone is always themselves, but I know this to be untrue.. How very sad!

This is a quote and I am quoting verbatim.. to respect the privacy of the person who wrote it I am not going to publish the name…

“”I was sitting at my desk today thinking, as I often do, about passion. What is passion? How do you define it? Rationalize it? What does it really mean? I wondered what causes passion and desire. How can just the mere sight of words, electronically transmitted by someone who you may very well never meet f2f, create a stirring deep within the heart and mind that’s a sensation so strong that the bonds of friendship you’ve nurtured over time seem to pale by way of comparison?””

I identify with it.. wonder if I’m the only one 🙂

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