Beat the recession – it’s up to U! says new online coaching centre – The Ultimate Self Virtual Coaching Centre

Liliane Rausch, CEO/Founder The Ultimate Self and U! Virtual Coaching Center

News release

16 June 2009

Beat the recession – it’s up to U! says new online coaching centre

An international virtual coaching and training centre has been launched to meet the increasing coaching and development needs of individuals and businesses.

U! has gone live at a time when an increasing number of people are questioning their personal values and as businesses seek to retain the best employees.

The centre, which will provide high-end global coaching, consultancy and training and incorporate social networks, has been founded by Liliane Rausch, a Netherlands-based psychologist and management consultant and the name behind The Ultimate Self consultancy and the virtual coaching centrum U!

Although the idea for U! was born 25 years ago, it was given new impetus during a sabbatical in the USA, in 2007. While there, Liliane recognised shifts in attitudes towards work and the global economy and more emphasis on personal values and happiness. She also recognised that the word “talent” was on the boardroom agenda as companies stepped up their efforts to win and retain the best people.

While there are other online coaching tools available, The Ultimate Self is positioning itself as a one-stop shop based on self coaching.

The U! site – offers users:

  • Coaching-on-the-go to fit in with today’s busy schedule;
  • Tailored business coaching services;
  • Instant coaching;
  • Talent and experience sharing;
  • Coaching on demand;
  • Goal setting and support.

Liliane: “The aim is to create a place where people can come together to support each other through difficult times, to achieve their goals and dreams and discover – or rediscover – their purpose, passion and talents”.

The reactions of the first U! members are overwhelming:

  • U! is as wonderful as Twitter, but without the 140 characters limit”
  • U! is like Facebook, Hyves and MSN for coaching”
  • U! is the new coaching model of the century”.

Liliane added: “Our personal and corporate branding conveys a confidence and belief in what we do and this comes from recognising our purpose and our talents. This is something U! will help bring about by providing formal and informal coaching to people and organisations”.

“The recession has clearly prompted a lot of soul-searching. For some people, it’s about anticipating the opportunities that the recession – and our emergence from it – will bring. For others, the current uncertainty means staying where they are but that doesn’t stop them learning how to enjoy what they are doing and being the best at what they do.”


Further information about this release is available from Liliane Rausch:

Tel. +31 523 67 62 50 or + 31 6 30 28 8765


Liliane Rausch is a coach and strategic HR consultant. BSc and MSc, certifications, registrations: Pedagogue, Certified Psychologist The Netherlands (Clinical Psychologist & Industrial and Organisational Psychologist), Certified Specialist Organisational Wellness & Employee Wellbeing, Certified International Management Consultant CMC MBA

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