Veldfundi – Educate, Empower & Entertain

South Africa is a world renowned tourism paradise for people from across the globe. It boasts attractions to cater for every taste. From the natural splendour of the great outdoors, to the rich cultural heritage of the diverse groups living here, there is something that leaves a lasting impression to anybody visiting this beautiful country.

The grips of the global economic uncertainty did, however, not bypass the Southern tip of Africa. Jobs in South Africa are scarce, crime is perceived to be at unacceptable levels in the form of corruption, violent crimes and crimes such as wildlife poaching are still out of control.


Alex Volker has been involved in the monitoring and prevention of poaching and environmental crime and also in investigating various forms of commercial crimes such as fraud and corruption. This includes pyramid schemes and investment fraud in South Africa.

Alex has collected books on plants and animals since childhood; he cultivated a sound knowledge on many aspects of nature and grew into a person with a passion for the outdoors and the environment. In the South African Defence Force he was introduced to the anti-poaching environment using horses. A dream come true from early childhood days.

He advanced in this part of his life, where he worked for a private anti-poaching unit. This allowed him to work in the outdoors on foot between the most dangerous and feared wild animals of South Africa. There have also been the most awesome experiences imaginable and numerous close shaves, which can only be truly appreciated by people who have lived the bush life. This exposed Alex to the Challenges, disappointments and joys of working in such an industry.

Apart from nature conservation, Alex spent many years in a forensic investigative company, investigating various forms of fraud and corruption. In this environment, he could apply and cultivate his computer knowledge in this capacity. It became evident to him what a devastating impact pyramid schemes can have on people’s lives and how easy it is to get caught in their net.

This compilation gives Alex the opportunity to impart some of his knowledge to the benefit of people from all over the world.

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