Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, Yas Marina Circuit, UAE

Yas Marina Circuit is the gem amongst many spectacular projects on Yas Island. On November 1st, 2009, the first Formula 1™ Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix will start there. It’s clear that this racetrack will be unique in the world.

One of the outstanding features of Yas Marina Circuit will be the Yas Marina Hotel – the racetrack will go through the hotel. But there are more spectacular details: The exit of the pit lane leads into a tunnel and the hairpin turn leads through the grandstand to bring the audience close to the racing action.

Sun Tower, a VIP Hospitality about 60 metres above the ground, will offer guests a view over the whole racetrack. The Yas Marina Yacht Club offers another great view – if you can afford it, you bring your yacht and watch the race from the huge yacht marina.

Yas Marina Circuit is part of an impressive project on Yas Island: a Ferrari theme park, a Warner Brothers theme park, a mega mall, golf courses and numerous First Class Hotels are developing.

Way beyond awesome watching the cameras as they go about things.. I really enjoy the UAE..  watching how this development has sprung up is absolutely incredible.  Thanks to Earth Tv for putting up these cameras…

Yas Marina Circuit and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi theme park at Yas Island were selected as locations for earthTV.com. Two earthTV cameras have been installed on Yas Island giving the possibility to follow the development as it takes place.

Please click on:


This camera is situated next to the main grandstand of the Yas Marina Circuit. On November 1st, 2009 Yas Island will host the Abu Dhabi F1 Grand Prix. The camera also covers the southern portion of the island giving views to the Yas Marina, the race-day hotels, and the Links golf course.


This camera is situated near Ferrari World Abu Dhabi between the Yas Mall and the theme park, and will provide coverage of the retail area and theme park developments.



Abu Dhabi






Muslim 96% (Shi’a 16%), Christian, Hindu, and other 4%


82,880 km² (212 miles²)

Coast Line:

80 km (49 miles)


Persian Gulf 0 m (0 feet)


Jabal Yibir 1527 m (5010 feet)

Geographic Information

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) are located in Southwest Asia, bordering the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf, between Oman and Saudi Arabia. It is a flat, barren coastal plain merging into rolling sand dunes of vast desert wasteland; with mountains in the east. Its strategic location along southern approaches to the Strait of Hormuz makes it a vital transit point for world crude oil. The UAE is considered to be one of the fifteen states that comprise the so-called Cradle of Humanity.

Key aspects of tourism
In the last years, Abu Dhabi is focusing on tourism and is trying to attract visitors with luxury hotels or the culture island “Saadiyat”.

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