Angie Noll on Squidoo – In the Write Spirit, Creativity4Kids

As is customary with many of my dynamic clients and friends I make a point of mentioning them in this blog.. “My Other Blog” (had to call it something 😛 )

Today I need to mention Angie Noll, a fellow South African and Goddess of Creativity… This multi-talented woman just floors me with her abilities and capabilities, energy and strength of character.  I am honoured to have worked with her, and look forward to sharing even more of her successes within this forum.

Congratulations Angie on the new website, it is absolutely fabulous.  Best Wishes on this Journey you have undertaken…

I wanna back stage pass when you get centre stage in front of a crowd of 20000… 🙂

About Angie’s New Website:


Writers Workshops To Awaken Your Inner Writer. Click here »

Upcoming workshops in August – Don’t miss out!

“Discovering Your Inner Writer”
There are friday morning or saturday afternoon options going in August in Johannesburg. This is an exciting and powerful inner journey to bring out the writer in you!

“Inner Child, Outer Fun”
An insightful sunday morning workshop exploring your inner child and it’s impact on your creative wellbeing. Also in Johannesburg.

For more information on any of these August workshops, please email

Bookings are essential! Places are limited due to the interactive nature of the workshops, so make sure you book well in advance!


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