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Learning About Dinosaurs


I recently got another ebook to add to my homeschool collection titled “Learning About Dinosaurs” by St. Aiden’s Homeschool. This is a publisher based in Africa with low cost resources. I am impressed with the variety of topics available.

I have to say that this is by far the BEST, most complete book or ebook I have come across yet on teaching about dinosaurs! This has always been a difficult topic for me to teach in my homeschool. The truth is, dinosaurs just don’t interest me at all.(Shhh… don’t tell the kids!) This ebook is huge (267 pages) and covers everything you need to know about teaching dinosaurs. It is easy to understand, and the worksheets and questions are clear and simply written.

The pages start with facts and misconceptions, along with student activity worksheets. Then, it goes into information about each different dinosaur, also followed by student activity worksheets. The graphics and pictures are excellent throughout, and there’s plenty of them. My favorite are the fast facts that could also be printed out and laminated as fact cards. There’s a ton of them! My son will love these!

The middle and end of this ebook is packed full of worksheets for review, questions & answers, reports, flash cards, dinosaur dictionary, lesson plans, vocabulary, writing and drawing activities, thinking and discussion, matching, lesson ideas, note taking, sounds, puzzles, mazes, tangrams, story writing, coloring pages, and even math activities and worksheets. More than enough extensive information is also provided for the parent or teacher.

Another thing that got my attention is the suggested grade levels for this book. The publisher states that it can be used for grades K-6. Many times I find that these suggestions are off by quite a bit, but with this book it seems right on. I am completely satisfied with this ebook and highly recommend it to anyone that needs help, guidance, and resources to teach about dinosaurs. This resource has more than enough to teach a complete unit study on dinosaurs.

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