Blue Sky Mental Health Awareness Day – DCB to Perform at Minnawarra Park

Damien Cripps Band 2009 Performance

Buried at the heart of the Australian west coast night life flies a rock band that epitomizes everything you ever dreamt Western Australia had to offer. They came back from the tumultuous long roads of the Australian highways with a sound that infected music lovers not only across Australia but scattered across the globe. There is blood in the songs; the sweat that poured over countless festival and pub stages has leached into the sound of this West Coast outfit. The debut single ‘Pictures’ recently exceeding sales of over 5000 copies (sold independently and most of them are signed). Receiving Airplay on numerous radio networks worldwide the band is poised to release there debut album which is receiving final touches in Jan 2009. Read More

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Blue Sky Day

Reducing the stigma often associated with mental illness.

Informing people of the support systems/organisations and pathways available to assist them in the area of Mental Health.

Advocating the spectrum of care, from intervention through to recovery with our partners.

Promoting the advantages of seeking assistance as early as possible, this has significant benefits in rehabilitation and recovery.

Improving the awareness of people in Western Australia of the many organisations which provide services to support individuals, carers and families in the field of Mental Health.

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