Bet I can write in chars of more than 140 despite my months of twitter overuseage… just writing this to break the monotony of the MP3 music entries that seem to pepper my pages lately.. would make life so much easier if Doey actually let me copy her music to one of my computers, but NO… so Blue October it will be all day every day till something new takes my fancy…

Move went okay, boxes stare lovingly up at me waiting to be unpacked… back to work tomorrow full time and full steam ahead, having to make up for 2 lost weeks…

Freezing cold here again, not conducive to unpacking or shifting boxes.. good news is gym is not necessary given the enormous amount of activity my poor body has had to endure this last week.. anyway I don’t have time for it ATM… Better news is I’m stuck with a really good book that loves being read while I’m tucked up in warm bed in new house…

Speaking of Blue October, I seriously need to embed this so that i know where to find it in future.. OMIGOSHHHHHHHHH…. SIZZLING!!!! HOT!!!

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