(South Africa) 2 Pietermaritzburg policemen are charged with 6 counts of culpable homicide

These are the very same folks I believe that can be seen speeding along in completely unnecessary convoys with sirens wailing at 180 KMPH in a 100KMPH zone for no reason other than they are driving big Black State Owned BMW M5’s.  Andof course the other reason – they can!

I am amazed to John Wills is representing these upstanding citizens of the South African Police Force.  He’s a Human Rights Attorney..  well he was.. the mind boggles!

From Natal Mercury.

(South Africa) 2 Pietermaritzburg policemen are charged with 6 counts of culpable homicide

The “Blue light” VIP escort case in which two Pietermaritzburg policemen are charged with six counts of culpable homicide was on Tuesday adjourned to January 21.

The two accused Hlanganani Nxumalo and Caiphas Ndlela were appearing in the Pietermaritzburg Regional Court.

Nxumalo, who allegedly fired at a vehicle which then crashed on the N3 highway near Pietermaritzburg, is also charged with the negligent discharging of a firearm.

He was a member of the VIP protection unit and a police constable when he allegedly fired the shots while he was a passenger in a vehicle allegedly hurrying to pick up a KwaZulu-Natal MEC.

Ndlela is also charged with reckless and negligent driving.

Attorneys John Wills and Mohamed Essa told magistrate Chris van Vuuren that Ndlela wanted to brief an advocate to defend him.

The attorney said the only date suitable for all of them was January 21.

The driver of the vehicle that was fired at, lost control and swerved across a median and crashed into oncoming traffic injuring six people who were taken to hospital. – Sapa

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