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Statistics alone cannot convey the horror of physical assaults upon children in our society. The Uniform Crime Reports describe the various means by which adults murder their infants and children: shooting, stabbing, bludgeoning, burning, poisoning, strangling, suffocating, and using explosives.

“A woman who is eight-and-a-half months’ pregnant was under arrest on a murder charge at Fordham Hospital today after the death of her battered two-and-a-half-year-old daughter…. The child had multiple lacerations and many scars and bruises.” — New York Post, March 29, 1974.

“A crippled seven-year-old child, whose abuse apparently included having the words ‘I cry’ burned into his back with a cigarette, was wheeled into a Harris County (Texas) courtroom in a crib today…. The boy, described by one witness as ‘bright, but a loner’ prior to his injuries, had suffered a ruptured colon from something inserted into his anus, and the ensuing infections resulted in brain damage.” — Washington Post, May 5, 1977.

“Linda Fay Burchfield [has been] charged with imprisoning her daughter Patti in a closet for four years… Last July 5th, police burst into the home and found Patti. She weighed 23 pounds and was less than three feet tall, about half the normal size of a nine-year-old. On the same day, Patti’s sister Donna, then 13, was having an abortion…. Mrs. Burchfield’s husband has been charged with raping Donna.” — Washington Star, March 17, 1977.

Is child abuse a crime? This child’s identity is protected because the courts may return the girl to her father, who beat her so severely she suffered brain damage.

Rather than the milk of human kindness, this child received a faceful of scalding milk. The child needs love and affection — not abuse.

Can a child develop healthy attitudes toward others if he is tied to his bed with wire as punishment for bet-wetting?

A little boy after being punched in the mouth by his father,

How can children enjoy liberty and happiness when adults inflict pain upon them, exploit them and deprive them of physical affection? We are architects of violence against ourselves and our children, and we are the ones who must change the moral architecture of Western civilization.

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