Prevent Child Abuse America

Prevent Child Abuse America- About Us.

Since 1972, Prevent Child Abuse America (PCA America) has led the way in building awareness, providing education and inspiring hope to everyone involved in the effort to prevent the abuse and neglect of our nation’s children. Working with our chapters, we provide leadership to promote and implement prevention efforts at both the national and local levels. With the help of our state chapters and concerned individuals like you we’re valuing children, strengthening families and engaging communities nationwide.

Our national campaign and local programs, prevention initiatives and events help spread the word in your community, creating awareness that prevention is possible. We are a family of friends, professionals, volunteers, donors and parents who are preventing child abuse and neglect before it ever starts.

For over 30 years, PCA America has been a leader in providing professionals, families, and others in the community with authoritative materials that promote prevention of all forms of child abuse.

You can also access and download the following PCA America publications directly from our web site:

Healthy Families America Program produces many publications that are available to download or purchase directly from the HFA Program web site.

To learn even more about preventing child abuse and neglect click on What You Can Do or the following links:

PCA America Brochure[pdf 1MB]
Tools for Child Abuse Prevention Month
Pinwheels for Prevention
House Party Weekend
Support Legislation
Prevention Advocate
Research and Fact Sheets About Child Abuse and Neglect
Prevention Tips for Parents
Shop for Our Cause!
Get with the Band [Prevention Wristbands]
Positive Parenting Materials and Community Resources
NBC “The More You Know: Empowering Families and Communities”

to Prevent Child Abuse America

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