Lee Red Oak Johnson – Red Path Publications – perhaps some things should be left unsaid

Lee Red Oak Johnson – umm apparently someone’s lost it! Excerpt from a blog post after I received a surprising and really dodgy email from his wife on Wednesday…..


7:59 AM – Interesting morning. Apparently Donnette Davis who has set herself up as a literary agent has been talking behind my back and being rather unprofessional by saying that I am not trustworthy and my authors will not be able to sell internationally or get their books on Lulu.com. Very interesting indeed as I can take orders and post from South Africa, but have chosen to add the books to Lulu.com in order to reduce postage costs from SA for the international buyers – http://stores.lulu.com/rppublications which is specifically for my authors (I still have my own Lulu store for my own works which was started before Red Path Publications came into being – http://stores.lulu.com/the_red_path ). Apart from anything, Lulu is not all that important, it is merely a means to an end. So, Donnette Davis, who seems to have a hoard of time on her hands to play multiple Facebook applications, get your facts straight.

Oh my!!!!! Do I need to actually rebutt this crap? Aside from the fact that he has opened himself – AND HIS CLIENT – up to ridicule, I have had absolutely NO contact with Lee, his wife or the “client” for the last 5-6 months. Smacks of desperation actually! Oh *sigh* I really have better things to do with my time Lee (like watering my Facebook Fairy Garden) you are not so important in my life that I monitor what you do or who you do it to…. here we go then….. in reply to Lee Johnson:

I find this blogpost incredibly unprofessional, factually incorrect and actually beyond pathetic.

Firstly, I am NOT and have NEVER purported to be a literary agent. I have absolutely NO idea where you get that information. I am under contract to a US Publishing House/Literary Agent – something of which you are well aware since we asked you for quotations previously. (Biting the hands that feed you huh?)

Secondly, I have had little or no contact with you, your wife or anyone associated with you for the last 5-6 months or so.

Just to put YOU in the picture before this blows up in your face, one of YOUR associates/clients/whatever you want to call her approached ME many months ago requesting information about YOU. expressing reservations about YOU. This particular person had much to say about YOU and the manner in which you have dealt with her. I recommended that if she were unhappy or uncomfortable that she approach another person who has similar interests. This is a problem for you?

Now I would suggest you retract your derogatory comments and bear in mind that the internet is a small place, and you can ill afford to make statements such as this when I am in such a position to rebutt them with information from YOUR client.

I have no interest in you, your business, your clients or anything to do with you apart from the occasions I have passed work on to you, and particulalry with one of MY clients, we were more than happy with the results you produced.

Rather than behave like spoiled child who cannot take constructive criticism from your OWN client, you should perhaps try to establish why – oh WHY would your client, after having had NO contact with me for the last 4-6 months or however long it is, suddenly start to say things that are, in effect, completely untrue and serve to illustrate that perhaps that is the person with the difficulty.

I can assure you Lee that I have no time in my life for petty scandal, I have no time for your insecurities and ridiculous ramblings. In fact I have not given you or your activities a second thought since our last contact. My business interests and activities are of absoutely no concern to you and you would do well to refrain from making statements that I will, if necessary, rebutt publicly – getting egg on your face, your wife’s face and your “loyal client’s” face. From what your client told me, this is NOT something you want me to do so please don’t put me in the position that I have to do it.

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