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Currclick~Free Homeschool and Educational Promo ~ Black Friday Giveaway 27 November 2009 #Homeschool #Teachers

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It’s time once again for The Annual Black Friday Event at This event has become something that Currclick customers look forward to each year.

In addition to their Black Friday Giveaway they will be running their annual “Stocking Up Your Shelves Sale”. Information regarding the sale and the giveaway event are included below.

Black Friday Freebie Giveaway

Note: Freebies included in this giveaway are offered one day (24 hours)

Date: Friday, November 27th

This is a one day (full 24 hours) event and hundreds of top quality FREE homeschooling and educational resources will be made available during this period. St Aiden’s Homeschool’s 224 page, 5* reviewed and rated “Bee Unit Study” Will be included as a Free Download ~ Information on this Unit Study can be obtained at Currclick, together with a preview of the Book which will also soon be available for shipping from Currclick in soft cover 🙂

Stocking Up Your Shelves

Date: Friday Nov. 27th-Tuesday Dec 15th Again literally hundreds of top quality homeschooling and educational products will be available for up to 75% off of their normal purchase prices.

Thanksgiving Blessings to all in the USA


Critical Weather Alert – Cyclone Roberta-KwaZuluNatal +- 15h30 19 Nov 09

Posted in donnette e davis on November 19, 2009 by Donnette E Davis

This is a blanket warning to all citizens of Kwazulu Natal and the South-Eastern coastal regions of South Africa.

A tempestuous cyclone (Roberta) was sighted just off the West coast of Madagascar at approximately 17h00, is moving Eastbound at a rate of 32 knots. When first observed, it was thought that Cyclone Roberta would dissipate once it met with the higher pressure cells towards the South-East. However, due to the unforeseen ebbing pressures we have seen off the Southern African coast since early this morning, the cyclone is unlikely to abate.


Please be forewarned that the Southern and South-Eastern regions of South Africa, particularly Kwazulu Natal, will in all probability experience the most violent winds and thunderstorms to date. It is strongly recommended that residents of Kwazulu Natal seek secure shelter. The cyclone is thought to hit our coast at approximately 15h30 today, 19th november We urge everyone to take every possible measure to seek secure refuge again this heavy weather pattern.

Dennis Saunders

Senior Meteorologist

Rand Centre for Meteorological Research

(011) 501 2201

Email : DSaunders.Weather

Free Swine Flu Books and Educational Resources Available Online

Posted in donnette e davis on November 13, 2009 by Donnette E Davis

As of today, Learning A-Z made several of our K-6 leveled readers and other educational resources on the H1N1 “Swine Flu” available online for free. In response to President Barack Obama’s declaration of a national emergency on October 23, the resource page is now available at and contains printable books, resource packets, posters, maps, student activities, and more, all focused on teaching kids and their parents about the virus and what they can do to minimize its impact. Feel free to take advantage of these helpful resources and be sure to forward this message to friends and colleagues, post on your websites and use the following blurb in your newsletters:

Free H1N1 “Swine Flu” Resources from Learning A-Z:

We hope your audience finds these helpful. Thanks for helping us spread the word.

A wedding ring should be about love

Posted in donnette e davis on November 7, 2009 by Donnette E Davis

Gotta LOVE THIS ONE!!! WHY is he still wandering around?

Zimbabwean soldiers have seized diamond fields and murdered and tortured miners. This week, international diamond regulators could ban Zimbabwe from the global market. Sign the petition to end Zimbabwe’s ‘blood diamonds’:

Sign The Petition!


Zimbabwean dictator Robert Mugabe has brutally seized control of his country’s diamond fields and is using the profits from our precious wedding rings and jewelry to finance a vicious political militia.

The group of countries that regulate the global diamond trade are right now meeting in Namibia to decide whether to suspend Mugabe and stop him selling his blood diamonds on the world market.

We have just 24 hours to persuade these countries to act – let’s get a flood of signatures on a petition and deliver it directly to the meeting in Namibia. Sign at the link below and forward this email to anyone who doesn’t want our gifts of love to finance hate:

All diamond producing countries know that their profits are dependent on the brand reputation of diamonds, and that increasing awareness of “blood diamonds” threatens that brand. A massive global petition will show them that the diamond-buying public is demanding action.

Zimbabwe’s diamonds used to be mined by local people. But in the last several months, Mugabe’s thugs have brutally taken over, murdering up to 200 civilians. An international investigation in July found “horrific violence against civilians”.

The profits from these blood diamonds are being used to finance a political militia that has already killed thousands of Zimbabweans, and threatens the fragile unity government in the country. Letting Mugabe keep these diamonds could finance a whole new war.

All of us are learning the ways in which our decisions about what we buy and do can affect the lives of our fellow human beings half a world away. An engagement ring should be something given and worn out of love, let’s tell diamond regulators to keep it that way:


A Human Rights Watch report on the Zimbabwe mines:

The Kimberley process report:

Articles on the possible ban this week:

More from Global Witness, a member of the Kimberley Process:

More on Zimbabwe’s political crisis:

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