Critical Weather Alert – Cyclone Roberta-KwaZuluNatal +- 15h30 19 Nov 09

This is a blanket warning to all citizens of Kwazulu Natal and the South-Eastern coastal regions of South Africa.

A tempestuous cyclone (Roberta) was sighted just off the West coast of Madagascar at approximately 17h00, is moving Eastbound at a rate of 32 knots. When first observed, it was thought that Cyclone Roberta would dissipate once it met with the higher pressure cells towards the South-East. However, due to the unforeseen ebbing pressures we have seen off the Southern African coast since early this morning, the cyclone is unlikely to abate.


Please be forewarned that the Southern and South-Eastern regions of South Africa, particularly Kwazulu Natal, will in all probability experience the most violent winds and thunderstorms to date. It is strongly recommended that residents of Kwazulu Natal seek secure shelter. The cyclone is thought to hit our coast at approximately 15h30 today, 19th november We urge everyone to take every possible measure to seek secure refuge again this heavy weather pattern.

Dennis Saunders

Senior Meteorologist

Rand Centre for Meteorological Research

(011) 501 2201

Email : DSaunders.Weather

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