The Squid Calendar – World Aids Day

Humbled & Honoured to be featured on these pages. Thank you

The Squid Calendar.

The economy has gone bad, the world is at war, but even though it is not discussed on the evening news as much as it used to be HIV/AIDS has not gone away.  It is still here.  It still kills millions.  It still ruins lives.

EchoTarpeian’s lens has some harsh statistics to prove it: Presently Over 33 Million People Living with AIDS.

Donnette introduces us to many children in Africa who know too well the destruction of this disease: Outreach Africa ~Bringing Hope To Africa’s Aids Orphans

What can YOU do for World AIDS Day?  Here are a few ideas:

  • Make a lens for one of these squidoo charities:
    Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation
    AIDS Research Alliance
  • Donate a dollar to Keep a Child Alive
  • Tweet with the hashtag #worldaidsday, and follow @joinred
  • Go with a friend to get an HIV test
  • Knit a doll for a child with AIDS
  • (photo by Sham Hardy)

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