Libby Talks Travel: Let’s Visit Perth, Australia, see @DamienCripps LIVE!

Libby Talks Travel: Let’s Visit Perth, Australia, see @DamienCripps LIVE!.


Let’s Visit Perth, Australia, see @DamienCripps LIVE!

I would love to visit Perth, Australia and see my favorite Band perform LIVE, Damien Cripps sometime real soon! I also have investigated and found that Perth in Western Australia is a lovely place to visit, and not just for the fabulous music! It is advertised as somewhere to experience the Old Australia: friendly people, sandy beaches and beautiful blue water. Sounds great to me, this is becoming a theme on Libby Talks Travel! This picture is of Rottnest Island, just a short ferry ride from Perth looks well worth the trip! It is known for its very relaxed atmosphere, that’s what I look for on my vacation. That and plenty of water, beach and sun…thank goodness for sunscreen and okay, I’m older, sunhats! For nightlife, I’m heading to one of the nightclubs or outdoor venues where Damien Cripps Band is playing. If you’re just daydreaming today about Australia, and plan to go there someday — I will let you know that the Damien Cripps Band is planning a U.S. tour in 2010! You can be sure information on the cities and their atmosphere will be on the Libby Talks Travel blog! Along with inexpensive fares to get you there on my connected Libby Talks Travel site. I’m adding a video bar from YouTube from Western Australia and the Damien Cripps band so you can enjoy some tunes while you read the rest of the blog!

ENJOY everyone! Love and Peace ~ Libby

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