Spark Hope, Save Lives ~ Physicians for Human Rights

I received this in the mail and I know that there are MANY, MANY people who are willing and able to assist in some small way to such worthy causes. If nothing else, please read what has been said by this absolutely Magnificent Organisation, Physicians for Human Rights, of which I am extremely proud and honoured to be a member. Please connect with them (and me) on Facebook, Twitter and other Social Networking Sites.


Dear donnette,

Thank you for all of your support this year. Because of your activism, PHR has been able to bring the power of science and medicine to bear on the world’s most difficult human rights crises, from sexual violence in Darfur, to AIDS in Africa, to war crimes in Burma and Afghanistan.

In this season of giving, I hope you’ll consider making a year-end donation to PHR so we can continue to spark hope and save lives.

For instance, this year alone, thousands of individuals and families have fled torture and persecution in their home countries to seek safe haven in the United States — and PHR has been there to support their claims for asylum. They include:

  • The young Tibetan nun who was persecuted and imprisoned for her religious beliefs;
  • A teenager from Latin America beaten due to his sexual orientation;
  • The man from Chad brutalized by police because of his ethnicity and political opinion;
  • A young West African woman, forced into marriage, who suffered severe, daily physical and emotional abuse at the hands of her husband.

Each asylum seeker has his or her own painful story, enduring unimaginable brutality and violence before arriving here. Many need medical and psychological evaluations to support their request for asylum. And each year, more than 300 people connect to this lifeline through PHR’s Asylum Network, which provides critical, expert medical evaluations — for free — because for so many, it is a matter of life and death.

Gifts to PHR support our asylum work — as well as our campaigns to prevent and treat AIDS, to stop rape as a weapon of war, and defend the right to health worldwide.

A gift of:

  • $100 can connect 5 asylum seekers to doctors who can perform medical evaluations.
  • $250 can help PHR train and support one doctor to do asylum evaluations.
  • $500 allows PHR to take on an asylum case from beginning to end, saving the life of a man fleeing brutal anti-gay violence in the Caribbean or a doctor persecuted for treating anti-government rebels in the Horn of Africa.

Your support means the world to PHR — and to the millions of people whose lives we change every year. As 2009 draws to a close, I hope you’ll consider expanding this support.

Give today, and give generously: share your spark of hope with the millions of people around the globe who depend on PHR to defend their dignity and rights.

Happy holidays to you and your loved ones,
Frank Donaghue
Chief Executive Officer

P.S. — Add PHR to your holiday gift list this year and encourage your family and friends to give a gift that honors the millions of men, women and children whose human rights we protect each year.

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