36 Classic Christmas Tales, Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary & Resource Pack (+ 400 pages) by Donnette E Davis

To parents, guardians, teachers and all others upon whom devolves the supremely important responsibility of directing the early years of development of childhood, this series of tales which sketch such vivid and delightful scenes of the vibrant life of meadow and woodland, winter and snow, reindeer and jolly men in red suits, should have tremendous appeal to little and older people alike. In this collection of stories you will find precisely the sort of healthy, imaginative entertainment that is an essential in stimulating thought-germs in your child’s mind, during this important and exciting time of their year.

Merely from the standpoint of their desirability for helping the growing child to pass an idle half hour, any one of these comprehension unit studies are worth your while. These stories have sought to convey a three-fold lesson throughout, the first based upon natural history, the second of social skills and the third the elementary principles of living which should be made clear to every child at the earliest age of understanding.  Grammar, imagination, vocabulary and critical thinking skills form an integral part of each unit study.

The first of these aims has been accomplished by adapting every one of the characters to its living counterpart in the realm of biology. The child learns very definite truths about which the story is woven; learns in such a fascinating manner that he or she will not quickly forget, and is brought into such pleasant intimacy that his or her immediate sympathy is aroused.

The stories drive home simple lessons on good conduct by attributing many of the same traits of character to the feathered and other heroes and heroines that are to be found wherever the human race made its habitation. The praise-worthy qualities of courage, love, unselfishness, truth, industry, and humility are portrayed in the dealings of the humblest of humans, and the field and forest folk and the consequential reward of these virtues is clearly shown; the stories reveal the unhappy results of greed, jealousy, trickery and other character weaknesses. The effect is to impress indelibly upon the imagination of the child that certain deeds are their own desirable reward while certain others are much better left undone.

Once again each unit study is adaptable to older or younger age groups.  For younger learners parent/educator interaction will probably be required but an assessment of the learner’s understanding and grasp of the concept will be attainable.

Blessed Season Greetings to You And Yours

Donnette E Davis

St Aiden’s Homeschool

As an additional GIFT you will be given a link to download a special Resource Pack, which includes images, songs, 8 exceptional (Aiden has been SO absorbed in these Fun which assist in mastering mouse and keyboard skills – he’s 4) self-extracting Christmas Games for your little ones and other resources.  (Download ’em and Own ’em – they’re yours to keep :P) There is no and has been no additional charge levied for this resource.  For the record, we do not own the digital files or the download links in the Resource Directory. As such, we are not responsible for any loss and will not assume any liability resulting from the use or misuse of the files of this information. All Links to software have been verified to be virus-free.

This resource directory compiling 68 different components is developed to compile `hard to find’ related resources with a strict inhouse selection benchmark to present to our customers only the finest downloads available on the web, and offered as a “Thank you” bonus when purchasing the MegaPack of Literature and Reading Comprehension and Grammar/Vicabulary Exercises.

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Thank you for your co-operation and understanding.  Enjoy~!!

36 Classic Christmas Tales, Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary & Resource Pack

36 Classic Christmas Tales, Comprehension, Grammar & Vocabulary & Resource Pack

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