Educate under privileged tribal children #CHHASE #CHARITY #EDUCATION


While we are all enjoying the bounty of food and family this holiday season, we also have the opportunity to help 1 in 6 children, who are under privileged around the world.

we at CHHASE see the under privileged, suffer in severe droughts, floods, storms, lost crops, and forced migrations worsening poverty and hunger.

Chhase is educating under privileged tribal children

Tribal ( rat eaters) are landless labourers caught in worse form of poverty. Education can empower and bring change. Illiteracy restricts employability. Governments affirmative action failed to reach this community at lowest level of the socio economic ladder. Empowered by education tribal can make a quantum jump in life, become role models and catalyst of change in the community what has not happened in 2009 years can be achieved. Mission is to bring about Educate under privileged

CHHASE Tribal School provides homely care, boarding, clothes, toiletries, books, healthcare, tour, skills training etc. CHHASE recruited well paid talented faculty. Empowerment through quality education and mainstream in formal school is the key

CHHASE is very excited about this opportunity to highlight our work at Christmas time and raise funds and awareness for Educate 120 under privileged tribal children-India . Embrace the fact that this is the season of goodwill and help us achieve our goal of £2,000 by 31st December by making a donation to CHHASE on

Please spread the spirit of giving and share this information with your friends and family and ask them to help us too.

Kindly help who live In Darkness, Be Given an Abundance of Light in One Form or Another, So That their Lives Be Changed Forever, In A Positive Way.

Wish you merry Christmas.

DONATE TODAY or Make this donation a gift, in honor of, or in memory of someone..

Thank you for your donation,

Vincent Paul

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