The Little Match Girl Mega Activity Gift Box – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick

The Little Match Girl Mega Activity Gift Box – St Aiden’s Homeschool, South Africa | CurrClick.


In old Russia, a small girl sells matches to survive and dreams of a better life by the light of her few remaining matches. The little match girl stands in the street by a street lamp. She tries to sell her matches to a passer-by who ignores her. She stands by the wall but a boy who is throwing snowballs at an unseen friend throws snowballs at her. She sits down and huddles in a corner of the wall.Striking a match she sees a vision of a fire and warms her hands. As the match fades so does the vision. Each time she strikes a match, she sees a vision of a table laden with food, a Christmas tree, and finally her grandmother beckoning to her.She finally dies and an angel appears and takes her spirit indicating she is going to heaven. A policeman comes upon the body.


Watch & Download the Movie (Free) at St Aiden’s Homeschool

This book is compiled in A4 format and UK English. Extensive Comprehension Activities and Teaching Ideas and Lesson Plans are located toward the end of this book.

The Little Match Girl GIft Box with Bonuses including MP3 Audio BookThe Little Match Girl GIft Box Bonus MP3 Audio Book

This Beautifully presented Educational Activity Pack consists of not one, but FIVE of Hans Christian Anderson’s Well-Loved Tales.

Included within the pack:

  • MP3 Audio File for the Little Match Girl
  • Lesson Plans for all 5 of the stories
  • Mini-booklets for each story
  • Lesson Plans and Resources for Each Story
  • 7 Self-extracting The Little Match Girl Jigsaw Puzzles
  • A Comprehensive 142 Pg Curriculum-Based eBook including Teaching Plans, Resources, Activities
  • Reading Comprehension Worksheets reproducible for Each of the 5 Stories
  • Hans Christian Anderson Biography and Lesson Plan
  • Christmas Themed Colouring In and Activity Book for Very Little People.
  • Complete 12 Days of Christmas Activity Book including Sheet music Lyrics and notepaper.

View the Entire Package at Currclick. This is an exceptional Gift for any child or educator since it includes reading comprehension and evaluation, grammar exercises, vocabulary, critical thinking skills, handwriting exercises, creative writing, phonics and more…. Can be adapted for very young to the much older learner.

For younger learners I have included a colouring and activity book to keep them occupied during the periods between lessons.

The initial Download will be the 142 Page Activity Book.  There will be a separate link for the download of the Bonus Boxed Gift Pack which includes additional activity books, puzzles, and the audio book.

Within this particular book also are the entire stories together with Suggested Activities for the Following Stories by HC Anderson, together with resources, links and lesson plans, including a lesson plan and information on Anderson himself:
1. The Ugly Duckling
2. The Little Mermaid
3. The Emperor’s New Clothes
4. The Darning Needle
6. Summation and Review

With Blessings on Your Educational Journey

Seasons Greetings to All

Donnette E Davis

St Aidens Homeschool

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